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Moderators are bound to an agreement that states that they will

(...) abide by all other officially announced moderator and user policies made available to [them].

While there are many FAQs and community policies across the network, this statement only applies to a small collection of policies that are company-defined and network-wide. Since the Moderator Agreement is meant to be relatively static and requires that moderators accept it again any time it changes, these policies are listed here and will be kept updated outside the Moderator Agreement. Should these policies change or new ones be added, moderators will be informed of those changes.

For simplicity, this article points moderators to the official policies they're asked to abide by, excluding the Code of Conduct, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy, which are listed separately in the Moderator Agreement.

Where can I find these policies?

The referenced policies are currently found on Meta Stack Exchange. All official policies on MSE will be tagged with the [mod-agreement-policy] tag, which is a staff-only tag, and will have a policy lock applied.

It is possible that policies may appear in other places such as the Help Center or blog. If that happens, links will be added to this page so that they can be easily found.

When and how are new policies introduced by Stack Exchange, Inc.?

If the need for a new policy arises, it will be written and shared with the Moderator Council first. Then, it will pass through a process of feedback and possible iterations before being presented to the moderators on the Stack Moderators Team. These future policies will then be posted on MSE and receive the [mod-agreement-policy] tag to denote their status.

Is a policy missing, or not relevant any more?

Sometimes a policy tagged on MSE or contained in the list above is no longer relevant — maybe a new one that replaces it came up, or something else changed that makes it obsolete. Sometimes there's something that's a good candidate for being included in the list, but hasn't been included yet.

In either case, moderators can contact a CM in the Teachers' Lounge so we can chat about how to proceed. If you're not a moderator, flag the relevant post for moderator attention and explain the issue, and one of the MSE mods will get our attention.

Is this tag meant to encompass all policies and rules?

No. This is not intended to be seen as an exhaustive rulebook.

The vast majority of rules and policies on the network are community-defined and company-supported. Those policies often vary by site, and may not apply to some sites at all. Additionally, many such policies you find are "best practices" determined through years of experience as a Q&A platform.

While we support such policies, they do not reach the degree where we consider following them to be part of the Moderator Agreement. The [mod-agreement-policy] tag will be used only on policies that moderators are agreeing to abide by and enforce in their communities, when applicable.