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Top new questions this week:

Pipes Puzzle Uniqueness

In the puzzle game Pipes, a space-filling tree of pipes (which may have either one, two, or three neighboring connections each, but not four) is scrambled by a series of tile rotations, and the goal ...

logical-deduction grid-deduction  
asked by Feryll 15 votes
answered by Deusovi 12 votes

Middle-Aged Life

I've always been fascinated Conway's Game of Life, but one thing that always bugged me was the idea that a cell could live forever. There are alternate rulesets (e.g., Generations) which address the ...

asked by Jeremy Dover 14 votes
answered by Jeremy Dover 7 votes

Folding a piece of paper with numbers in sequence

Divide a rectangular sheet of paper with a side length of 2 × 4 into eight 1 x 1 unit squares and label them as shown in the sketch. Then fold the sheet of paper along the boundaries of the square so ...

mathematics geometry paper-folding  
asked by ThomasL 13 votes
answered by Jaap Scherphuis 12 votes

Deriving a 3x3 grid from another one

A $3 \times 3$ grid $G$ is filled with every number from $1$ to $9$. Now a new $3 \times 3$ grid $H$ is formed, such that $H_{ij}$ is the number of neighbors of $G_{ij}$ that are greater than $G_{ij}$....

mathematics logical-deduction combinatorics no-computers grid-deduction  
asked by Dmitry Kamenetsky 11 votes
answered by Tesla Daybreak 6 votes

Sudoku: Episode 64 - Attack of the Clones

An 8x8 Sudoku where you technically only have to figure out 32 cells! Twice Half the cells, double the clues! Penpa Link Rules Normal Sudoku rules apply. Values are 1-8. Boxes are the 4x2 regions ...

logical-deduction grid-deduction sudoku  
asked by Lukas Rotter 9 votes
answered by HTM 4 votes

Communists and Christians

Across 1. Singer Collins is performing leads for Prince (6) 5. Broken spine leads to aches (5) 10. Say, 33 across and Cuiabá's northern tip, described by excellent lyric poems (9) 11. Predecessor to ...

asked by Jafe 9 votes
answered by Jeremy Dover 9 votes

A Connect Wall You Can Count On

The 16 words below may be partitioned into 4 groups of 4 connected words. The resulting four words also have a connection which is a seven-letter word. ONE POTATO PINK FOUR CORN RANCH SOY SINGLE ...

word knowledge pattern connect-wall  
asked by hexomino 8 votes
answered by Tom 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

I am a computer’s nightmare, but a programmer’s best friend

I am a computer’s nightmare, but a programmer’s best friend. I am both the cause of a problem and the source of its resolution. What am I?

asked by Stevoisiak 85 votes
answered by Reinis Mazeiks 118 votes

I am a seven letter word- who am I?

I am a Seven Letter word. I like Mornings If you remove my first letter you can drink me. If you remove my first and second letters, you may not like me If you remove my last letter, you will see me ...

asked by theseeker 2 votes
answered by Nicolae 5 votes

Swap the edges in a solved Rubik's cube

I have a rubik cube, which always have two swapped edges in the last layer. No matter which color I start with, there are always two edges in the last layer which remained swapped with each other. ...

asked by Syed Aqeel Ashiq 10 votes
answered by leoll2 19 votes

Make numbers 1 - 32 using the digits 2, 0, 1, 7

This is similar to the "Four fours" puzzle, but using the digits 2, 0, 1 and 7. Rules: Use all four digits exactly once Allowed operations: +, -, x, ÷, ! (factorial), exponentiation, square root ...

mathematics formation-of-numbers  
asked by fitch496 10 votes
answered by greenturtle3141 17 votes

29 - 1 = 30 how?

How is 29 - 1 = 30? If also 14 - 1 = 15 11 - 1 = 10 9 - 1 =10. Hint:

asked by Amruth A 51 votes
answered by ffao 141 votes

What is the largest tile possible in 2048?

I can get to 4096 max. There are videos on youtube of guys making it to 8192. What is the theoretical maximum limit on this? PS: if you haven't played this, here is the link to addiction.

game 2048-game  
asked by kBisla 55 votes
answered by kBisla 55 votes

IQ test puzzles - diagonal line shapes, curly line shapes

What is correct answer for these two IQ puzzles and why?

pattern progressive-matrix  
asked by Madhu 12 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Message passed between friends in a library

Mary met her friend Jenny in the library. They gossiped about various things and then each chose a book and went to separate corners of the library and sat down to read. After half an hour Jenny went ...

asked by Vassilis Parassidis 2 votes

9x9 Sudoku Slitherlink Hybrid

I previously created a combined slitherlink and sukoku puzzle, but I was unsatisfied because the grid was smaller then a regular sudoku. So I made another, larger one. Below is a 9 by 9 grid. This is ...

logical-deduction grid-deduction sudoku slitherlink  
asked by venus 6 votes

Rare but Abundant in Hill and Hole

I am uncommon, But a worthy goal. Rare but abundant In hill and hole. Who am I? You may already know the answer, so the task is not to answer the riddle per se, but to solve the following 'What is a ...

riddle word pattern word-property  
asked by Amoz 1 vote
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