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Top new questions this week:

Mastermind: Win in two

Bob was very lucky in his last game of Mastermind. Alice was the codemaker; Bob was the codebreaker. They played with six colors and a length four code. Bob's first guess wasn't an immediate win. But ...

meta-knowledge mastermind  
user avatar asked by aschepler Score of 22
user avatar answered by Christoph Score of 23

What famous meme am I referencing with a polynomial?

What legendary meme am I referencing (twice!) with this large and strange polynomial? $5507x^4-302885x^3+1420806x^2-2224828x+1101400=0$ Buckleyour seatbelts, it’s kind of crazy- I sincerely hope you ...

mathematics word knowledge  
user avatar asked by Lieutenant Zipp Score of 16
user avatar answered by cap Score of 21

The Empty Cube (Interactive Puzzle)

I've made an interactive 3D cube puzzle in CSS, The puzzle is fully solvable from the images below, but the fully interactive version is here: https://codepen.io/chengarda/full/RwyKvwz The empty cube ...

knowledge enigmatic-puzzle visual cipher computer-puzzle  
user avatar asked by Chengarda Score of 15
user avatar answered by fljx Score of 3

We're just hanging out, man

This puzzle is part of the Monthly Topic Challenge #3: Pencil and Paper Games I'm a bit unsure who to ask about this... You see, there's this guy I know. I say 'know' - we're not close mates, come ...

knowledge cipher letters history pencil-and-paper-games  
user avatar asked by Stiv Score of 14
user avatar answered by Gareth McCaughan Score of 18

Construct a meaningful phrase

If (4, 3, 15) means "I am Liam", then 14 is a feminine name. If (15, 3, 7) means "This is his", then 6 is a way of greeting someone. Construct a meaningful phrase for (8, 7, 9) ...

knowledge cipher pattern  
user avatar asked by chandanr777 Score of 11
user avatar answered by Stiv Score of 14

What is the shortest chess game with 30 distinct captures (PxP, PxN, PxR, etc...)?

In chess, there are 6 types of pieces that can capture other pieces, and there are 5 types of pieces that can be captured. Ignoring piece color, this means that there are thirty distinct possible ...

optimization chess  
user avatar asked by stewartIM Score of 10

A square number that is a concatenation of at least 25 squares

A pen and paper challenge: Write down a number whose square (repetition allowed) is the concatenation of at least 25 nonzero squares. examples 7, 13, 12: Their squares are the concatenation of 2 ...

mathematics no-computers formation-of-numbers  
user avatar asked by Retudin Score of 10
user avatar answered by Magma Score of 11

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is my real name?

My Father is a Chemist My Mother is a Mathematician They call me iron59 What is my real name?

riddle mathematics chemistry  
user avatar asked by JanLeeYu Score of 21

Task 39 from iqtest.dk

What is the solution for this puzzle from this IQ test?

user avatar asked by klm123 Score of 3
user avatar answered by Minimus Heximus Score of 4

You can keep it only after you give it to someone else. What is it?

You can keep it only after you give it to someone else. What is it?

user avatar asked by nbar Score of 12
user avatar answered by rlord3534 Score of 23

The Ultimate Chess Strategy

I’ve been trying to learn chess so I was googling chess strategies. When I saw an ad for “The Ultimate Chess Strategy,” I instantly followed it and put in my credit card number. A few days later I ...

enigmatic-puzzle visual story chess metapuzzles  
user avatar asked by cap Score of 23
user avatar answered by Deusovi Score of 15

A short, brutal riddle

Left alone, I'm a word with five letters. I'm honest and fair, I'll admit. Rearranged, I'm of no use to trains. Again, and I'm an overt place, warm and well lit. What am I?

riddle word rhyme acrostic  
user avatar asked by Roland Score of 552
user avatar answered by NeedAName Score of 592

How to prove that this man has a profit of 20 and not 10?

This is not actually a puzzle per se, but I'm asking for an explanation about the puzzle's answer. The puzzle goes like this: A man bought a goat for 60. He then sold it for 70. Later, he bought that ...

mathematics calculation-puzzle explanation  
user avatar asked by Chen Li Yong Score of 7
user avatar answered by votbear Score of 16

Cutting a cake into 8 pieces

Say, you are given a cake which you must share with 7 others. So, you must cut the cake into 8 pieces. But, you are only allowed to make 3 straight cuts. You cannot move pieces of the cake after the ...

user avatar asked by d'alar'cop Score of 19
user avatar answered by Florian F Score of 32

Can you answer these questions?

Italian Exhibition - A Zebra Puzzle (Einstein's Riddle) Variation

You can play this Zebra Puzzle here: https://www.brainzilla.com/logic/zebra/italian-exhibition/ Woman #1 Woman #2 Woman #3 Woman #4 Woman #5 shirt name surname painter time age Five women are ...

logical-deduction logic-grid  
user avatar asked by hampter Score of 1
user avatar answered by sriram Score of 0

Once you see the ---, what can you get?

I'm looking for an eleven-letter word. The triangle you see is an equilateral triangle. Note: There are four type of red lines - horizontal, vertical, left-right diagonal and right-left diagonal. ...

enigmatic-puzzle visual  
user avatar asked by Prim3numbah Score of 3
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