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Top new questions this week:

9-5=5? Matchstick problem

Move one matchstick to make an equality. Question made by me (Is this too easy?)

mathematics visual arithmetic matches  
asked by Culver Kwan 37 votes
answered by tmpearce 44 votes

Hey, This is a 100th Puzzle of Mine!

Yep, this is my 100th puzzle here in PSE~ I'm really having a wonderful time here, thank you so much guys! >< I planned to write a harder and bigger one, but it turned out I was too lazy to do ...

logical-deduction grid-deduction seasonal  
asked by athin 25 votes
answered by Stiv 20 votes

Alice and Bob invent a game

The rain was still falling in Wales, and Alice and Bob were terribly bored of having to stay inside the caravan. With just a deck of cards to entertain them they had played all of the card games in ...

enigmatic-puzzle cipher board-games cards  
asked by Stiv 23 votes
answered by hexomino 16 votes

Friday's the most cryptic day of the week

Across 1. War paint for alien entering from space station's entrance (9) 6. An island country's capital, Praia, devastated after the loss of republic's leader (4) 10. Search "engine oil" at first… ...

asked by jafe 15 votes
answered by Deusovi 11 votes

Random walking on a board

There’s a pawn starting in the center of this game board. At each move, it can advance randomly towards any of the adjacent squares sharing a common side with equal chance. What’s the probability of ...

mathematics probability  
asked by Display maths 13 votes
answered by hexomino 16 votes

Triply English or Triply American

The following list of words divides evenly into two groups of words which I describe as Triply English and Triply American. American Assault Citation Common Count Diamond Fleet ...

knowledge pattern  
asked by hexomino 13 votes
answered by phenomist 22 votes

Look at me - a number sequence

This sequence goes on forever, but here is the first 7 of them. The X's are just there to hide the actual digits. Can you find all the correct digits of the 8th entry? 1024, 90X1X, 25023X, 490364, ...

pattern number-sequence  
asked by Prim3numbah 11 votes
answered by sedrick 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Word sets with no repeating letters

I know a set of six 4-letter words without repeating a letter (i.e. using 24 different letters). Here is an example: gasp, verb, jinx, flow, duck, myth Are there sets of words with no repeated ...

word english language  
asked by Aravind 5 votes
answered by Uri Granta 5 votes

words ending with ant

Find the words ends with " ANT " clues given What kind of an ant works with figures? An accountANT. Lives in the jungle? Is far away? Is extraordinarily large? Works for a master? Is good-natured? ...

asked by Javeed Khan 7 votes
answered by Dave 7 votes

A Non Math Puzzle. What is the middle number?

There are three patterns below. Two diagonal and one vertical. The middle number is common to them all What is it? It is not mathematical per se. NO partial answers. Explain all three patterns in ...

pattern lateral-thinking  
asked by DEEM 18 votes
answered by hexomino 25 votes

A seven letter word - the meaning doesn't change if you remove letters

I am a seven letter word. If you remove one letter from me my meaning does not change. If you remove two letters from me my meaning still does not change, and if you remove three letters from me, my ...

riddle word lateral-thinking language  
asked by skv 63 votes
answered by warspyking 100 votes

I'm a remorseless killer

Locked in an eternal struggle to impede the son, By natural law, I am the true heir apparent, I am voracious, but nothing will whet my appetite, Until the day comes to reign over the masses, ...

riddle word wordplay  
asked by JS1 16 votes
answered by Avi 13 votes

Make 37+32=55 correct by moving one match

Move $1$ match and make this correct. Rules: (added 8/23/2018 based on clarifications in comments) You can't break the match. You can't make an inequality sign, just change numbers and/or ...

asked by underds 32 votes
answered by peaceoutside 66 votes

How can one solve a Rubik's cube without relying on guides/algorithms?

I am wondering who is able to solve Rubik's cube just by thinking without knowing the rules behind it. As far as I know the inventor Ernő Rubik was professor of architecture and he intended to help ...

asked by Thomas 34 votes
answered by Jaap Scherphuis 30 votes

Can you answer these questions?

What gets past the bluegrass bulge?

Sort of in the style of that old classic, ‘What goes through the green glass door?’ What gets past the bluegrass bulge? Blue does, but green doesn’t. Grass does, but glaze doesn’t. Bulge does, ...

asked by Fivesideddice 8 votes

The Odd Street Clocks

The clockmaker took a walk after a lunch from a restaurant and across the block corner he found the old clock box with four similar looking clocks on every wall. It is in the middle of the street ...

asked by TSLF 8 votes

Rubik's M Slice Using Thumb

I've been cubing for a couple of years now, so I'm quite familiar with all the various finger tricks and different ways to move faces and slices. Most of the ones I came up with when I started were ...

rubiks-cube speedsolving  
asked by WillRoss1 4 votes
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