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Top new questions this week:

Escape across the floorboards

A mad lexophile sits alone in his apartment obsessively rearranging his Scrabble tiles and writing words on every available surface, even filling each floorboard with a word. The Scrabble tiles have ...

wordplay mazes river-crossing  
asked by SlowMagic 56 votes
answered by Deusovi 46 votes

A week around Europe

I've recently returned from a week of travelling around Europe, visiting a different town or city in a different country on each day, choosing my destinations according to an underlying pattern. I've ...

knowledge visual geography language sequence  
asked by Stiv 17 votes
answered by hexomino 16 votes

Ripple Effect ... with Inequality Sign

I was making ripple effect but failed on uniqueness. That leads me to think of using inequality signs to fix the puzzle. Then, I'm wondering, what if, I make a new one with intentional inequality ...

logical-deduction grid-deduction  
asked by Nusi 14 votes
answered by Stiv 13 votes

A puzzling stained glass window

On a recent trip to Europe, I visited a beautiful gothic abbey. Walking up the dark aisle between old wooden pews, the air heavy with the odour of incense, I could only marvel at the beautiful stained ...

knowledge enigmatic-puzzle visual story  
asked by Anon 11 votes
answered by Helix Quar 9 votes

What are you? Your fifth is in cookies but never in cream. -- a riddle

Your fifth is in cookies but never in cream. Your fourth is in stormclouds and also in steam. Your last's in your meaning but not in your word. Your second's in fourth, first, three-hundredth, and ...

riddle word  
asked by C. P. Boyko 11 votes
answered by Beastly Gerbil 11 votes

Splitting the Integers

For which n is it possible to split all the integers 1, 2, 3, ..., n into two non-empty disjoint sets such that the product of the sum of the elements in one set and that of those in the other is a ...

mathematics number-theory  
asked by Bernardo Recamán Santos 10 votes
answered by loopy walt 6 votes

Tipping a tetrahedron in a plane

A regular tetrahedron with one black and three white faces is positioned with its black face at the bottom of a plane. The tetrahedron is tipped several times over an edge and finally reaches the same ...

mathematics logical-deduction geometry  
asked by ThomasL 10 votes
answered by Prem 10 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Strategy to solve the Missionaries and Cannibals problem

In the Missionaries and Cannibals problem: Three missionaries and three cannibals must cross a river using a boat which can carry at most two people, under the constraint that, for both banks and ...

strategy river-crossing  
asked by John Bupit 17 votes
answered by AJ Henderson 2 votes

Three Doors, One Truth-Teller, One Question

You are in a prison. There are 3 doors, and a ghost standing in the middle of the prison. He says one of the doors is the way to freedom while the other two lead to death. You get to ask only one ...

logical-deduction liars  
asked by Vue 30 votes
answered by galdre 57 votes

You can keep it only after you give it to someone else. What is it?

You can keep it only after you give it to someone else. What is it?

asked by nbar 12 votes
answered by rlord3534 23 votes

Puzzle of putting numbers 1-9 in 3x3 Grid to add up to 15

In a 3x3 grid, I'd have to put numbers from 1 to 9 in a manner so that respective row, column and diagonal add up to 15. I have only been able to come up with one solution: 6 1 8 7 5 3 2 9 4 ...

logical-deduction calculation-puzzle magic-square  
asked by Freya 9 votes
answered by Alan 17 votes

Draw a line through all doors

I saw the following problem on 4chan and couldn't solve it: It's very likely to be some kind of troll (no solution). I'm hoping to see some rigorous proofs that disprove the existence of such a line....

combinatorics graph-theory  
asked by Gabriel Romon 33 votes
answered by klm123 42 votes

What is my real name?

My Father is a Chemist My Mother is a Mathematician They call me iron59 What is my real name?

riddle mathematics chemistry  
asked by JanLeeYu 21 votes
answered by Jonathan Allan 33 votes

Grandma likes coffee but not tea

Note: My grandma is a little odd. She only likes certain things. Solve this puzzle by providing phrases that are true. For example: Grandma likes A but not B Grandma likes coffee but not tea. ...

pattern word-property  
asked by Kevin Rock 48 votes
answered by Jonathan Allan 74 votes

Can you answer this question?

Locked in an alien crypt: Jewels on the floor

Dazed, you slowly regain consciousness. You don’t know how you got here, but one thing is certain – your exploration of this otherworldly planet has reached an ugly end. Trapped in an alien crypt, ...

word knowledge enigmatic-puzzle visual story  
asked by Anon 7 votes
answered by mechanics -2 votes
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