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Top new questions this week:

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enigmatic-puzzle cipher  
asked by Auribouros Score of 22
answered by fljx Score of 32

Lots of dull colors!

Note: I created this puzzle. Good Luck!

enigmatic-puzzle visual steganography  
asked by Varun W. Score of 18
answered by cap Score of 20

Alchemy in a Tin Kit

As usually happens when rummaging through one's grandparents' attic, I unwittingly discovered a seemingly ancient papyrus manuscript. It was stored in an old tin box along with some utensils. I ...

enigmatic-puzzle visual chemistry  
asked by cap Score of 14
answered by Deusovi Score of 12

It's a... Ohh... puzzle (BpFp)

I'm looking for a 5-letter word. ...

word knowledge visual  
asked by Prim3numbah Score of 13
answered by JLee Score of 9

Can I park here?

Help! I visit my mom tomorrow (Tuesday). This parking spot is right across from her house. But when the heck can I and can't I park there?? [ ------ Automatically generated photo description by ...

asked by C. P. Boyko Score of 11
answered by Amorydai Score of 4

How to solve this Pentomino puzzle?

The following Pentomino board has exactly one solution: The solution is known: I'm trying to solve this board manually, but it is so difficult that I came to believe it is impossible. I noticed ...

logical-deduction grid-deduction polyomino  
asked by mafu Score of 10
answered by Deusovi Score of 9

The Monopoly tournament's secret prize

The image below is the aftermath of a secret tournament of Monopoly played here on PSE. Akin to something that might come out of a subreddit like r/anarchychess, the board has been massively scrambled ...

word story steganography  
asked by WoomyRogue Score of 8

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Make numbers 1 - 30 using the digits 2, 0, 1, 8

It's 2018 so let's repeat last year's challenge with new digits. This is similar to the "Four fours" puzzle, but using the digits 2, 0, 1 and 8. Rules: Use all four digits exactly once Allowed ...

mathematics formation-of-numbers  
asked by fitch496 Score of 24
answered by Bass Score of 31

What's the optimal strategy for Wordle?

Wordle is a game by Josh Wardle in which you try to guess a 5-letter word in at most six attempts. After each guess, the letters which are not in the word are highlighted in grey, the letters which ...

word strategy algorithm mastermind wordle  
asked by EphraimRuttenberg Score of 27
answered by mmk Score of 17

Correct way to add 22 to 4 to get 82

Inspired by this other puzzle, tell me a correct way by which adding 22 to 4 will give 82. As in that other puzzle, these numbers are all expressed in base 10.

logical-deduction enigmatic-puzzle  
asked by Trevor Powell Score of 78

What is the number of the parking spot?

One needs to find the number under the car.

lateral-thinking pattern  
asked by klm123 Score of 58
answered by klm123 Score of 50

Simple 4x4x4 OLL parity algs?

I am learning to solve a 4x4x4 Rubik's cube and I think that the beginner OLL parity alg: (r U2 x r U2 r' U2 l U2 r' U2 r U2 r' U2 r') is a little too complex. ...

rubiks-cube twisty-puzzles  
asked by Isaac PALMER Score of 7
answered by Scott Score of 5

Up the hill with 3 legs and back down with 4

Though I'm not alive, I had 4 legs when I was born. I lost a leg when I got too stressed and worn. I go up the hill with just 3 legs, and come down the hill with 4. If my owner doesn't lose some ...

asked by RedCaio Score of 3
answered by Piotr Pytlik Score of 6

I can't die. Who am I?

I meet many people. I treat them equal. I can harvest grain the middle age way. I always go on, I never stay. I can't die. Some believe I can fly. Most people don't like me. And thus try to ...

riddle rhyme poetry  
asked by KGM Score of 42
answered by hexomino Score of 61

Can you answer these questions?

What is an EQÜAL WORD (patent pending)

An EQÜAL WORD (patent pending) is a special type of word. You'll know it when you see it. Here are some examples, sponsored by the original, @JLee! What is an EQUAL WORD, and why is it called that? ...

knowledge pattern word-property  
asked by someoneinexistence Score of 2

Merely Players they

What is the relationship shared by the following celebrities? Deneb Betelgeuse Antares Aldebaran Altair Rigel Adhara (besides the obvious fact that each is an astronomical object comprising a ...

word knowledge outer-space  
asked by cap Score of 3

A Key Game of Battleship

What two relevant words are encoded in this game? The stuff in the trays doesn't matter too much

cipher board-games  
asked by Amoz Score of 7
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