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enter image description hereenter image description here

The two pictures are subtly different, but the real question is: What is she hiding?

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5482 bytes has been added !! – ᴊᴀᴠʏ Mar 30 at 11:02
@ᴊᴀᴠʏ Would you mind explaining? – Roby5 Mar 30 at 11:04
Can this be a "Find the difference between" puzzle? – me_digvijay Mar 30 at 11:09
The second image is visually lighter than the first image, but I don't know how that answers the question of what she might be hiding. – Ian MacDonald Mar 30 at 11:13
huddle.github.io/Resemble.js by using this, I cannot detech any visual difference, probably there is another file/text etc hidden in one of the photo. (Steganographic) – Oray Mar 30 at 11:31
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By using the compare tool Beyond Compare this appeared:

enter image description here

So she is hiding


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Damn it...I was 1 minute too late. Good find. – Marius Mar 30 at 12:45
German Mona Lisa.): – Roby5 Mar 30 at 13:40


She is hiding "Sausages".

Explanation: Thanks to Oray for reminding me of resemble.js.

Go to https://huddle.github.io/Resemble.js and upload the 2 picture.
Press the buttons on the right: 'Ignore nothing', 'Pink', 'Flat with diff intensity', 'Opaque'.
The word "Sausages" appears in the left center part (slightly above the middle).

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@GordonK. Thanks for the edit. I guess I saw myself I Monalisa when I said "on the right". – Marius Mar 30 at 15:13

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