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Given the following Java program:

public class Alien {
    public static void main(String[] args) {

What classic movie quote is this referencing?

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Is it:



E.T. Phone (calling) home.

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Haha. Someone was watching this. ^vote 5 secs after posting. – Z. Dailey Mar 29 at 14:32
that was fast, very fast ;D your avatar – ABcDexter Mar 29 at 14:33
Yah. That's actually a painting I did on a 14"x14" canvas. @ABcDexter. One of a kind. Fits this question quite well I suppose. – Z. Dailey Mar 29 at 14:38
Actually was writing the same thing, you did it first. Kudos :-) – ABcDexter Mar 29 at 14:46
I was about to ask where "Phone" comes from, all I see is Alien class calling home...oh wait.. +1 fast answer – DasBeasto Mar 29 at 14:46

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