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Given the following bash program:

sleep 120
echo "nothing"

What movie quote is this referencing?

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For curiosity's sake, should we take this as a trick question, or pretend that the script wouldn't end after exit? :) – Khale_Kitha Mar 29 at 2:59
The script intentionally ends :3 – AMACB Mar 29 at 3:02
can't figure it out. Words I considered that might be included in the title: sleeping, waiting, 2 minutes, leaving, not saying a thing, without saying nothing – Ivo Beckers Mar 29 at 3:11
This is such a good one, thank you – question_asker Mar 29 at 11:40
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Is it

Wait a minute, wait a minute - you ain't heard nothin' yet... From The Jazz Singer (1927)


sleep 120 - waiting a minute twice, then it's exiting the program before 'nothing' is outputted

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If true, would be better with two lines of sleep 60. – Devsman Mar 29 at 18:29
@Devsman or even better two lines of "sleep 1m" although that might make it too easy. – DasBeasto Mar 29 at 19:17

I believe it's

"If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all" from Bambi


Sleep 120 gives you time to think of something nice to say. AS you couldn't, you don't say nothing, because the script has exited before you can say nothing

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It is referencing to

Alfred Hitchcock - The Birds


It lasts 120 minutes and has no ending credits

But I might be missing something since I can only figure out a movie title, not really a quote from this movie.

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Hahaha nice explanation, it sounds more like a punchline – Pickle Mar 29 at 14:46

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