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What does this rebus mean?

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Everything that's coming to mind is golf related or video game related. – Z. Dailey Mar 27 at 17:20
@Emrakul - looks like OP hasn't visited the site since the answers were posted. It's possible (and likely) that the most popular answer is correct. I'm guessing had OP been back to mark it correct, you wouldn't have put the question on hold? – TTT Mar 28 at 18:06
@TTT I still think it's too broad, regardless; while the top answer may be correct, the other answers make it clear (to me, at least? I could be wrong) that there are a large number of other plausible answers as well. – Emrakul Mar 28 at 18:09
@Emrakul The top answer is the only one that can be wholly justified by what's in the actual puzzle - all the others require other information that would have been trivial to add if any of them were applicable (and only one of those other answers is a) not a duplicate and b) a "common phrase") – question_asker Mar 28 at 18:47
I feel that if this warranted closing in the first place, it should have had something added as to the topic or nature of the intended answer before being reopened. As it is, there is nothing saying it should be a "common phrase" or even that it is a phrase at all. I don't think we ought to condone a 10-character puzzle described only by a tag and what amounts to "Answer it". – feelinferrety Mar 29 at 22:07
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Is it

tea for two?   

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I would guess: at --> for – Gamow Mar 27 at 17:35

If the T means

Tango (as in NATO phonetic alphabet)

It could be

(it takes) two to tango

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Two to ten

I'm assuming a notational convention often used for

card games.

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The only thing I can come up with on this one is:

2 o'clock tee time or tee off at 2

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Is it:

One second later


letter pronounced as later

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Tea at 2

The T is in place of where 2 normally be. (Interpreted as Tea at 2pm)

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one "T" in "1T345679" and in "one three four five six seven eight nine"

Note: there are two "T"'s (or "t") in "one Tee three four five six seven eight nine" but this doesn't "play" on the semiotics of the syntax behind the pun's semantics

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Can you give reasoning? – bleh Mar 28 at 1:30
This does not provide an answer to the question. Once you have sufficient reputation you will be able to comment on any post; instead, provide answers that don't require clarification from the asker. - From Review – CodeNewbie Mar 28 at 4:37
You missed the 'T' in "eighT". – Hellion Mar 28 at 17:02

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