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In voice I exit in light

In fists I carry a stick

My neighbour I fight

And cars I hold 'em

I am a ____man


Perhaps you shouldn't think of me as one man, but many men with one name / The same name used by different characters


I exit in light, when did I go in?

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" but many men with one name" -> Sharing the same name – Oak Mar 25 at 21:10

You are a...


In voice I exit in light

From the song Enter Sandman, the chorus goes: "Exit: light / Enter: night"

In fists I carry a stick

The wrestler known as The Sandman carries a kendo stick.

My neighbour I fight

A reference to Marvel's Sandman, one of (your friendly neighborhood) Spiderman's nemeses. (Thanks to @Nathaniel)

And cars I hold 'em

The Holden Sandman is a well-known model of panel van.

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Who's your friendly neighborhood? – Oak Mar 26 at 2:48
From Oak's comment above, the "neighbour" clue might refer to the Marvel character Sandman, who is an enemy of Spider-Man, as in friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. – Nathaniel Mar 26 at 4:29
Great answer! I'm convinced this is going to be marked correct when you incorporate Nathaniel's clue. I was totally stumped on the "voice" part of the first clue. And Metallica used to be my favorite band. Doh! – TTT Mar 26 at 15:13
@TTT Precisely; But SHAME for you not getting that reference when you first read it :P – Oak Mar 27 at 12:14
Thanks, guys. Edited. – feelinferrety Mar 28 at 17:03

I am a


In voice I exit in light

I walk out of the dark cave into the daylight.

In fists I carry a stick

I carry a club.

My neighbour I fight

My neighbor tried to take my food, and my wife.

And cars I hold 'em

15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. It's so easy even a caveman can do it!

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+1 for the last clue – AMACB Mar 25 at 23:39
Just...uh.....yeah, fine. I can't imagine it's correct, but +1. LoL – Khale_Kitha Mar 26 at 0:13

You could be a


You exit in light because

you melt in the sun

Your fist carry sticks because

your arms are made of sticks

You fight your neighbor because

neighbors have snowball fights (This one's a stretch)

You hold cars because

Snow causes traffic, accidents, you can get snowed in, etc.

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Great first post. =D – Khale_Kitha Mar 25 at 19:42
Haha thanks! You think it's right? – gannolloy Mar 25 at 19:47
I think some of it's a stretch, but it has potential =D – Khale_Kitha Mar 25 at 19:48

You could be a


In voice I exit in light

Just picture all the movie scenes where the criminal has flashlights, car lights, police-car-flashing-lights, helicopter lights, etc. shining on them, and the policeman is speaking to them from behind the lights (e.g., "Come out with your hands up!")

In fists I carry a stick

A policeman carries a baton

My neighbor I fight

A policeman may have to fight with another in the line of duty

And cars I hold 'em

A policeman may impound a car used for illegal activity

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The type of person that you mention can also stop traffic. – Khale_Kitha Mar 25 at 15:12
@Khale_Kitha true, that's probably a better, more specific relation to the riddle – elmer007 Mar 25 at 15:14
It is not policeman; However it is an interesting attempt. I edited in an hint – Oak Mar 25 at 17:21

I know it's kind of similar to answer of elmer007, but I'll give it a shot.

You are a:

Red traffic light man (The guy symbol on traffic lights)

In voice I exit in light

When green light flashes, red guy dims out and all waiting drivers beep horn (in voice).

In fists I carry a stick

Believe it or not, red guy carries the traffic light pole (a big stick).

My neighbour I fight

Red guy and green guy always fight to dim the other one and show up.

And cars I hold 'em

Red guy stops traffic sometimes.

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