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REBUS (or shall I call it Brainf*ck).

Look at the following and tell me what particular word or phrase it conveys.

enter image description here


The brand of the soap is of no significance.
Also, this has a specific relationship with one of my previous puzzles that have garnered most views.

Another Hint:

Even Soaps have to change their form when someone has a Licence like Bond.

I have given it all away now. :\

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Is james bond a Soap opera? :O – RiddlerNewComer Mar 18 at 11:17
Nope, He's MI6, 007,Britain's agent.. Remember. – Prashant Mar 18 at 11:20
You got me on that one... ;) – RiddlerNewComer Mar 18 at 11:22
Here's a query to find Prashant's most viewed posts: data.stackexchange.com/puzzling/query/452458/prashant – Justin Mar 18 at 15:48
Likewise - thanks @Justin. Here's a clickable version. =D data.stackexchange.com/puzzling/query/452494/prashant – Khale_Kitha Mar 18 at 16:57

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I think it's

Serial Killer


James Bond is famously known as a "double oh" agent (007), which means he has a license to kill. He is a killer. (Prashant, I got that part before you posted that extra clue ;) ). I think the soap is a red herring, the fact that they are bars of soap is less important than the fact that there are two items next to each other, forming a series. Hence serial killer, which, as per the initial clue, also directly relates to Prashant's most viewed question which references Jack the Ripper, a famous serial killer.

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Perhaps it is: soap -> soap opera -> serial – Gamow Mar 18 at 15:24
Oh yeah! Nice, I hadn't thought of that angle, but that would make sense too. – Dylan Cristy Mar 18 at 15:25
AND! There are 2 soaps, and Bond is 007, together that is 2007... A movie (topic of 1 of 3 confirmed possibilities the hint refers to) released in that year was Zodiac, about a serial killer. :D – feelinferrety Mar 18 at 20:41
Nicely done @feelinferrety, nicely done. – Dylan Cristy Mar 18 at 20:46

My guess is that it's

A Cleaning Agent (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cleaning_agent)


Soap is used for cleaning, and James Bond is a secret Agent

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Hi, this also was my original (first) answer; you can find it in the edit history of my post. – Gamow Mar 18 at 12:54
@Gamow. I see that now. If you prefer, you can restore your original answer, and add then your second answer as a new answer. Then your votes would maybe better reflect the answers at the time of voting, and I would be happy to delete this one. – Fillet Mar 18 at 13:03
No, no, no, just keep your answer. It is good to have it in a separate posting. – Gamow Mar 18 at 13:04

My second try: The answer might be

WS-Security (Web Services Security, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WS-Security)


1. SOAP is an acronym for Simple Object Access Protocol, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SOAP
2. James Bond is a member of the internal Security Service MI5
3. WS-Security is an extension to SOAP to apply security to Web services.
4. WS-Security is related to http; you had a very successful puzzle on http (Musical Chemistry)

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Nope! Sorry! Not clean at all I'd say. – Prashant Mar 18 at 11:40
Rightly stated.Edit has been made. – Prashant Mar 18 at 11:49
Agree with gamow. Somehow it seems unlikely that there's a better fitting answer, although I'm prepared to be proven wrong. – astralfenix Mar 18 at 11:52
I really like this answer, but like @astralfenix, I'm willing to believe there's a better one (and very curious to know what it is) – question_asker Mar 18 at 11:59
@Gamow I liked your previous answer over this one and deleted mine because mine was nonsensical. According to OP's edit its related to "puzzles that have garnered most views." Hence I think its more related to: "puzzling.stackexchange.com/questions/28493/…; or "puzzling.stackexchange.com/questions/28912/…; or "puzzling.stackexchange.com/questions/29068/…;. Could you try to figure it out? You thought process seems much faster than mine. :) – Ghapla Mar 18 at 12:57

Changing form suggests

Reducing agent. Bond is a secret agent and the soap is getting smaller.

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Hmm. Looking at this on the page, I'm not really happy with it. I feel like I'm just guessing. Also, if this is the answer, the rebus would be better without the Pierce Brosnan picture. – Hugh Meyers Mar 18 at 13:58


Bar Bonding, like when friends go to a bar and the bond over a couple of drinks.


it's a soap bar and not liquid soap, and it's a picture of James BOND

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Also, this question was asked today, while yesterday was St. Patty's day so I can see where the idea came from – DemonicBirdFlu Mar 18 at 13:12

Not better than Gamow's first answer, but different.

Clean cut
Going clockwise top to bottom in the first picture we can see that the bar of soap is unwrapped and used to clean. The actor's name is Pierce Brosnan and piercing is a form of cutting. I am further swayed in this direction by OP's reference to Bond in the title which seems too obvious to be anything other than a red herring.

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Nice! But Prashant also told us: "Nope! Sorry! Not clean at all I'd say." – Gamow Mar 18 at 13:01
@Gamow Hmm. Yes. I don't know what to make of that. Could he be suggesting it goes counterclockwise and the soap picture means "unclean" or "dirty" or something like that? – Hugh Meyers Mar 18 at 13:39

Are you

Pears Soap? Here is the link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pears_(soap)


Pierce + Soap ~ Pears saop

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If this goes in the right direction, then it might be some wordplay around "pears" (soap) and "pierce" (Brosnan) and perhaps "pairs" or "peers". – Gamow Mar 18 at 13:11
Yes that's true. I'm afraid we'll need more clarification on this from Prashant – Ghapla Mar 18 at 13:12
@Gamow : If it goes into wordplay in this direction it can relate to "Bath" as well. Bro"snan"- Snan is the Sanskrit word for "Bathe", but i can't recall a suitable word other than "Soap Bath" which seems to literal. :/ – Ghapla Mar 18 at 13:36

I don't think this is Rebus-y enough, but:

Tailor of Old Bond Street


The picture is not of the current Bond actor, but of an old Bond. Tailor of Old Bond Street is a shaving company well known for their soap... but that's not a Rebus connection.

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Okay, this is a long shot...

Soap protocol


Soap - soap
Bond has a license to kill
Bond is a professional Bond is a pro-to-kill

And at this point, my hands are full of very wet straw.

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Here's another thing that comes to my mind.

Die Another Day


Dyes(colorants) are used to make soap. It's a bond movie, and I can relate it to your puzzle 5000th Question as there are days and its just another day.

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Is it?

No rest for the wicked.


There are two type of Web Services: SOAP or Simple Object Access Protocol and REST or Representational State Transfer.
And something to do with users or administrators having "licence to kill" or the privilege to stop apps/programs on the server?
It's also like your most viewed puzzle who's answer is "No peace for the wicked".

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I'm pretty sure that's not the answer, but I'll give it a shot.

It is:


It's first letters of

Unpacked Soap and Bond.

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