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Solve This Rebus, the correct answer is an English phrase.


All the best :)

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Will probably be much easier for speakers of British English. – Kevin Mar 14 at 13:05
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How about

No peace for the wicked (no Ps, Jack the Ripper could be considered wicked, etc.)

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This is not the intended answer(my achievement)...confirmed by OP

There had been a movie named

Jack the Ripper

So the phrase can be

Pee in space

or maybe

Pee in space suit

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'Pee in Space-suit' would have been funnier, but sorry. Not Correct ;) – Prashant Mar 14 at 11:54

It may be...

Rest In Peace


Only rest of the word is 'P's only, and Jack is the RIPper..

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It clearly is correct – manshu Mar 14 at 11:57
No it is not. The name holds a significance along with the way it is displayed. – Prashant Mar 14 at 11:59
I am hoping it wont be "Peace Out" either based on your comment. – Ghapla Mar 14 at 12:05
This one is my favorite tbh – question_asker Mar 14 at 12:05

I think it may be

No peace for the wicked

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already guessed... – manshu Mar 14 at 12:05
I'm too slow :) – Tom Mar 14 at 12:06
correct one @Tom – Prashant Mar 14 at 12:11

So sorry officer, can't fully recollect his name 'cause...

...he scared the P's outta me!!!

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Peace in Space (http://www.peaceinspace.com/)


1. The space in JACK THE RI__ER corresponds to two Ps, which sounds like PEACE
2. The outer space treaty (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Outer_Space_Treaty) is sometimes called PEACE IN SPACE

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Close. Think about the name too. – Prashant Mar 14 at 11:55

I think it will be

The missing piece ( The missing Ps)


It should be JACK THE RIPPER with two Ps missing (JACK THE RI__PER).


"A Piece Of Apron" is known as the missing piece in the Jack the Ripper case file.

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the missing PEACE is relevent to the answer. But nice one. :) – Prashant Mar 14 at 12:07

Shooting in the dark here:


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that would be 'RIDDLER' and nope, not correct! – Prashant Mar 14 at 11:44
@Prashant. true. Sorry about my English :) – Marius Mar 14 at 11:46
It's actually a Three's Company reference. The character Jack was played by John Ritter. – Darrel Hoffman Mar 14 at 13:13

Will be two PP's

Peace in Space will fit

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Is that a common English phrase? I've never heard it. – Deusovi Mar 14 at 21:45

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