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I don't know if anybody has played the game Tribond, but here's how it works: three words are given, and the player has to figure out what they have in common. Example: "What do Earth, Pie, and Bread all have in common?" Answer: "They all have crusts". Answers ARE permitted to rely on homophones, an example (not a very good one), being "What do Apple, Cherry, and 3.14159..." have in common? Answer: "They're all pie/pi" (Apple Pie, Cherry Pie, and pi)! So, here are two Tribond puzzles I've come up with (hopefully they take more than five seconds to solve):

What do these three have in common:

Discussions, Sewing machines, screws?

Printers, Airplanes, New York?

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This would be

All have threads
Screws are threaded, discussions in forums have threads and sewing machines use thread to sew.


All have jets.
Printers have ink jets, airplanes have jet engines and The New York Jets are a sports franchise.

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That was quick! I can't accept for 11 minutes but I will then. – Richard Roe Mar 8 at 21:44
They are also finite :-) – Carl Löndahl Mar 8 at 21:45
@CarlLöndahl you are saying it only bcz you haven't heard my conversations with my friends... Discussions are infinite – manshu Mar 8 at 21:46
@manshu haha, ok! – Carl Löndahl Mar 8 at 21:47
I was rushing to make your 5 second deadline but I think I typed too slowly. :) – Hugh Meyers Mar 8 at 21:50

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