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This might, perhaps, be too easy, but this is my first riddle to post here.

Get Copernicus and cut him in half for the start
Divide the start by two and you've got one extra.
Divide it by eight, instead, and you've got the last.
Put all three together for a yummy snack.

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i don't think it's too easy :P – WayneEra Mar 8 at 12:03
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The yummy snack is



Copernicus is the Chemical element. The atomic number is 112.
112 / 2 = 56 = Barium = Ba
56 / 2 - 1 = 27 = Cobalt = Co
56 / 8 = 7 = Nitro­gen = N

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Your answer is correct, but I want to wait until you double-check your reasoning to mark it as such. =D (Partially my fault, because I had the logic for the 2nd word incorrect until seconds before your answer) – Khale_Kitha Mar 7 at 21:02
I changed the "-" to "+" yet. XD – Varon Mar 7 at 21:03
Yep, but Copper is not Co – Khale_Kitha Mar 7 at 21:04
Yes, but Bacun doesn't exists. Just kidding ;) . So is it okay, if I change Copper to Cu and say that I have to choose the both letters in front of each word? – Varon Mar 7 at 21:07
Double-check the clue: "Divide the start by two and you've got one extra." You had it right, the first time, by accident. It could also be said that you have one too many. – Khale_Kitha Mar 7 at 21:07

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