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Here is a series of movies that have something in common other than being thoroughly entertaining.

Find the next movie in this series

Find the next movie in this series.

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Next in sequence is

"Ace of aces" or "Ace Ventura" (Ace)

The sequence can also be extended in the other direction:

Ten Things I Hate About You
Nine Months
The Hateful Eight
The Magnificent Seven
The Six Billion Dollar Man

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@Gamow Or any movie with ace in it. Aces Wild? Aces High? Maybe there is another clue... – Trenin Mar 7 at 13:42
Five, Gooooooolden Dragons – user1717828 Mar 7 at 15:08
Faaantastic Four, Three Men and a Baby, Two for the Money, and One Flew Over the Cuckoooo's Neeeeeeeeest. – Ian MacDonald Mar 7 at 15:39
"ten things I hat about you" Normally, I'd edit. But that's just too beautiful of a typo to ruin with correction. – Parthian Shot Mar 7 at 15:53
While we're at it, there's Jumpin' Jack Flash, Jack, Kangaroo Jack, Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Queen, Kingsman: The Secret Service, Return of the King, The King's Speech, The Fisher King... Now I want a deck of cards with movie posters on them... – Darrel Hoffman Mar 7 at 16:03

Next movie is:

Ace Ventura

Because in every movie:

Movie names are J,Q,K & A and in each movie character name/title is in movie title : Jack Reacher , Snow Queen , King Kong , Ace Ventura

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The Snow Queen and Frozen are different movies. – Trenin Mar 7 at 14:23
corrected it still applies, thanks – Sir SC Mar 7 at 14:34
Wow this was hard for me. I had to re-read several times before getting the connection among the flicks .. even with the answer in hand. – javadba Mar 8 at 6:28

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