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While I was writing on a file on my Linux portable computer, the thing I was writing suddenly started to change!

Take a look at the file:

¶€µ€µ”€¶ ŧø ðø ænøŧħ€¶ @€n¢øð→nŋ €»ŧ¶€µ€@ đø¶ ŧøðæ←|

What happened to my computer or what did I do to "encode" the text?

And, what's written on the file?

(I didn't found any help on Google.)

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You were holding one of the “alternate graphics” keys on your Canadian Multilingual Standard keyboard:

enter image description here

Note how the dark green glyph on the ‘R’ key is ¶, etc.

Only ‘E’ is different; I guess that one is vendor-specific or something.

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Oh, Canada. That didn't occur to me - nice one! This also doesn't explain the punctuation. – Will Mar 6 at 21:30
I suspect it’s really some spin-off of this layout we’re dealing with, or vice versa. I don’t exactly feel like tracking down which one. – Lynn Mar 6 at 21:32

It's a simple substitution cipher where (most of) the symbols resemble the corresponding letter

€ = E, ¢ = C, ŧ = T, ¶ = R

It appears to say


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is it his PC or his pet dog? – manshu Mar 6 at 20:31
@manshu It was an untrained møøse. – Will Mar 6 at 20:32

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