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Which name does not belong on this list?

Charles Darwin
Anthony Burgess
Edward Albee
Alice Munro
Ignatius of Loyola
Phyllis Schlafly

First hint:
You actually don't need any hints

Second hint:

Third hint:
If you have any doubts or debates concerning your answer, it is almost certainly wrong.

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This almost seems too broad to me, but the solution is obvious in retroscpect so +1. – Deusovi Mar 3 at 2:43
I don't get the second hint even after reading the answer (two other hints are fine). – Eugene Ryabtsev Mar 3 at 4:31
@EugeneRyabtsev think legs. – Hugh Meyers Mar 3 at 5:46
@Deusovi The hints were more about "too broad" concerns than any need for hints. – Hugh Meyers Mar 3 at 7:30
@Hugh: General consensus on meta was that hints are not enough to keep puzzles from being too broad. – Deusovi Mar 3 at 11:32
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It's either

Ignatius of Loyola, because there are three words there instead of two,


Phyllis Schlafly, because it's misspelled.

OK, I know that's not the real answer


Charles Darwin, because all the others have a bug in the name:

Anthony Burgess
Edward Albee
Alice Munro
Ignatius of Loyola
Phyllis Schlafly

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I'll let this go this time, @GentlePurpleRain... – question_asker Mar 2 at 22:04
That edit got you my plus one. – Mazura Mar 4 at 16:27

This is not the intended answer of OP

I (don't) hope it is

Anthony Burgess


Only his name doesn't have letter L
Anthony Burgess

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