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enter image description here

Find X, Y and Z from the above rebus.

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in my opinion they can be multiple answers to this question. – Oray Mar 2 at 8:36
I assume there will be only a single answer. Single X, Y Z values that will satisfy the equations. If no one makes any progress, I will post a hint tomorrow. – AeJey Mar 2 at 9:03
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I know one:

Y is Sylvester Stallone. (Sylvester the cat, and he's on stall).

Update. Thanks to manshu and Will :-)

X is James Cameron (Cameron is an anagram of romance.)


If X and Y are correct, then Z is Rambo : First Blood II. (X and Y wrote it together.)

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and that symbol is 'on' – manshu Mar 2 at 9:25
@manshu ye, that too (green). – ABcDexter Mar 2 at 9:26
x=james cameron coz cameron is anagram – manshu Mar 2 at 9:27
@ABcDexter: Y is correct. – AeJey Mar 2 at 9:27
I think you got the Z now. :) Check the answer by Will – AeJey Mar 2 at 9:34

Manshu and ABcDexter have done almost all the work

Their answers lead to

Z = Rambo: First Blood Part II

Which has a screenplay written by X and Y

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Exactly. :) Whose answer should I accept. :( I am confused. – AeJey Mar 2 at 9:33
@Will good. I really digressed into SciFi part :-0 – ABcDexter Mar 2 at 9:33
@ABcDexter You should add this to your answer so that AeJey has a complete one to accept :) – Will Mar 2 at 9:35
@Will You should have taken the honour. – ABcDexter Mar 2 at 9:39

X =

James Cameron


007 = James Bond. Therefore half of 007 = James. Cameron is anagram of Romance.

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X is correct. :) – AeJey Mar 2 at 9:32

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