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The answer to this riddle is a single English word.

Within, only holes. A void all about
Talking back like a grave, flip the first for a shout.

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Am i mistaken if i say i've seen this one before... – ABcDexter Feb 29 at 10:14
@ABcDexter couldn't find it on puzzlingSE...and as much as I know Hugh makes his own riddles... :) – manshu Feb 29 at 10:15
@manshu I wasn't saying that it's a duplicate of some other from this site, but yes, a similar one is (somewhere) in the bookmarked urls. – ABcDexter Feb 29 at 10:23
Now you've got me wondering. I thought it was original but now that you say that... There is something familiar about it. If so, my apologies. Should make it easier to solve, right? :) – Hugh Meyers Feb 29 at 10:48
There is definitely wordplay involved. – Hugh Meyers Feb 29 at 10:58
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Ooh, what about...


Within, only holes.

The letter O is the only letter in the middle of the word.

A void all about

"M" and "T" spoken out loud is "empty."

Talking back like a grave,

Reading moot backwards: toom sounds like "tomb" a grave

flip the first for a shout


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think about how your word sounds when spoken backwards, that could give you a clue about that hint – question_asker Feb 29 at 14:24
@question_asker tomb? – manshu Feb 29 at 14:25
@manshu shhh!!!! but yes. – question_asker Feb 29 at 14:26
@question_asker with that addition, I will accept the answer. Well done to both of you! I suppose the value of the title is debatable. – Hugh Meyers Feb 29 at 14:27
For title relevance, rot13 this badboy: uggcf://ra.jvxgvbanel.bet/jvxv/zbbg#Abha – question_asker Mar 1 at 13:05

I think the answer is:


Within, only holes. A void all about:

hell = the abyss = void = bottomless pit / hole

Talking back like a grave, flip the first for a shout.

I can't seem to relate it to "Talking back from a grave" but flipping the letter "h" would make the word appear like yell which means shout.

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Notice that the letters h-e-l-l appear within the words "only holes". – Brice M. Dempsey Mar 1 at 7:18

I think the answer is...


I don't have a complete explanation for all parts of the riddle, but for some...

The title is Discuss Among Yourselves.

Within, only holes.

(Unsure) - possibly means the middle letter has a hole.

A void all about

Night is either side of day.

Talking back like a grave,

Talking back -> Backwards. 'Day' backwards is 'yad' which means 'to remember' in Hindi (Credit to manshu in comments), which is what graves are for. Also, graves are sad, which sounds like 'yad'.

flip the first for a shout.

Flipping the first letter of 'day' gives 'bay' - a kind of shout.

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'Yad' in hindi language means 'memory' or 'to remember'...then maybe it means to remember those people who are in the grave... – manshu Feb 29 at 11:05
Not the right answer but some of the reasoning is very much on the right track. – Hugh Meyers Feb 29 at 11:34
I think any English language puzzle which requires the solver to be fluent in Hindi (or any other language other than that in which the puzzle was given) is pretty unfair. Unless there was some clue that indicates there was another language used. – Darrel Hoffman Feb 29 at 17:53

This is not the correct answer(my achievement)...confirmed by OP

I think the riddle fits for


Within, only holes. A void all about

Holes are used as traps for centuries.

Talking back like a grave, flip the first for a shout.

Traps are to kill someone (sometimes). Take mouse trap for example, it flips and kills the mouse with a shriek.

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There is a word that fits much better. – Hugh Meyers Feb 29 at 10:59
Also, if [your guessed word] are all about, you should probably avoid the area. "A void all about" :) – Dewi Morgan Feb 29 at 22:32


Within, only holes.

The letter O's can be considered holes

A void all about

A moot point is often void of importance

Talking back like a grave

A moot point is an open/unresolved question, you don't often get answers when talking to a grave

flip the first for a shout


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i might be suffering from Deja-vu...coz i think that i saw this kind of answer. – manshu Feb 29 at 14:36
Yeah, it turned up while I was reading/writing...doh! – Briguy37 Feb 29 at 14:36

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