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Yesterday a mysterious man came to my house. I didn't open the door, because I didn't know him.

Later I found a message under the door as show below:

1+1-1·0*1 n 1*9/9 y·w 2^2 n sqrt(49) sqrt(9) d·140/2·126/2·y 0*0 ur·fr 26/2 nd!

What does the message say?

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Why the downvote? – Alex82 Feb 21 at 16:04
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"I only wanted to be your friend!"


Each equation represents Leet letters.

1+1-1 = 1 or I
0*1 = 0 or O
1*9/9 = 1 or L
2^2 = 4 or A
sqrt(49) = 7 or T
sqrt(9) = 3 or E
140/2 = 70 or TO
126/2 = 63 or BE (bE)
0*0 = 0 or O
26/2 = 13 or IE

Which combined with the letters included between equations creates the below text in Leet:
"1 0n1y w4n73d 70 63 y0ur fr13nd!"

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Great done! 63 is bE, not BE, whatever. – Alex82 Feb 21 at 16:24
@Alex82 oic XD 4w350m3! – Daedric Feb 21 at 16:25

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