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Santa is exhausted, so he drops off his reindeer at the marked location below.
He tells them he will be strolling the large divided meadow if they need him.

Where is Santa, and why?

Please reference this map:

Where is Santa?


Neither Santa nor his reindeer are in Brooklyn.
Think outside the box but inside the correct -zoid, take everything into account.
The reindeer are ensnared and cannot leave. They need your help!
Santa thinks that its the best place in the area for reindeer.

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@question_asker I see why you are the question_asker now XD. If I told you I would have to krill you. Its a sort of metaphor, and its near by, a bit of both. – Daedric Feb 17 at 14:47
Why is Santa Spanish (or Mexican)?? – Ben Feb 17 at 16:20
Looks like he left the reindeer right outside Izzy's BBQ Smokehouse -- I'm beginning to fear the worst (and the tastiest) for Donner and Blitzen. – Matt Feb 17 at 16:29
Rio Grande? (See: azlyrics.com/lyrics/jimreeves/seorsantaclaus.html) – ermanen Feb 17 at 18:52
Voters: please be more careful with upvotes. I'm seeing a lot of answers treat this question as a joke, yet get upvotes anyway - not to mention that many of these answers don't contain any more effort than a single sentence. The quality of the site is in your hands. Please vote carefully. – Emrakul Feb 17 at 20:36
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Not sure how specific it needs to be, but I'm guessing Señor Santa is in...

Reno, Nevada!

How the map fits:

We were told that nobody's actually in NYC, but the 'zoid is right. The area of interest on the map is roughly trapezoidal. So is Nevada.

How the language fits:

@Solocutor did the dirty work for part of this one:
Meadow (Nava) + Divided (Dividido) $\approx$ Nevada

And I found that...
Reindeer = Reno

The reindeer need help because...

They are trap ped in the -zoid... And Santa may very well have wandered on over to the Strip to relieve his stress.

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You sir are on my level. – Daedric Apr 14 at 1:48
Though technically the answer I'm after is "Santa is in Las Vegas, and his Reindeer are in Reno" you are very much correct. Congratulations. – Daedric Apr 14 at 1:52
Eyyy, last spoiler. I guessed as much. :P – feelinferrety Apr 14 at 4:06

I can't quite get to the right answer because...

my Spanish isn't good enough.

So I'll try to help the effort along.

Senor Santa implies Spanish language puns, so...
Meadow = Nava
Divided = Dividido
Merry Christmas = Feliz Navidad (Nava dividido)

I think that's the heart of the thing. Here's some extras:

Feliz = Happy (There is also a shop named Feliz near this spot in Brooklyn, less than a mile to the northwest).
That shop is next to Fort Greene Park; a divided meadow itself.

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OP has hinted that neither reindeer nor Santa are in Brooklyn. – feelinferrety Feb 17 at 22:35
Yeah, I know that. That's why the "Feliz" part is under "extras." I didn't want to leave it out, in case is was relevant. The rest of the answer still stands. – Solocutor Feb 17 at 23:10
@Solocutor your on the right track but not quite on point. Remember if we don't find him no presents. – Daedric Feb 18 at 7:32

He is strolling in Long Meadow in Prospect Park, just over 2 miles west of the reindeer landing spot.

As the name implies, it is a large meadow, and it has been divided into ballfields in the south and open meadow in the north.

As for why Santa is there, this site claims that this is a popular location for children's birthday parties. Santa is obviously doing some reconnaissance to populate his naughty/nice list.

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Sorry I checked there. – Daedric Feb 17 at 17:58

I think

Santa is in the Greek underworld

He is exhausted

He is tired and about to die.

Looking at the map,

there are lots of graveyards nearby.

He will be strolling the large divided meadow if they need him.

The Greek underworld is divided into several sections: the Fields of Punishment, the Fields of Asphodel, and Elysium. Santa probably expects to be in Elysium. It's kind of hard to "stroll" the Fields of Punishment, and he probably won't be able to remember or help the reindeer in the Fields of Asphodel.


His reindeer is bringing him to his funeral.

Dunno why he's called "Señor" though.

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He is in the North Pole, because today is not Christmas.

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Going a bit off the wall here:

The marked location appears to be a BBQ place. I'll say that Santa is exhausted from dealing with all their workplace drama and dropped them off to be made into tasty meals. Santa is at the North Pole now, because he got his order to go. And the reindeer aren't much of anywhere, unless you count INSIDE SANTA Muahahahahahaha!

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Going for the obvious:

He's strolling in the large divided meadow because he's exhausted.

Ugh! An anti-puzzle??

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given that he is exhausted, he has not moved from the marked location.

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He certainly left his reindeer a significant walking distance from any kind of meadow – question_asker Feb 17 at 17:05

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