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I feel no pain
Yet silently shriek
An airy concoction
Your desire I pique
A sinful temptation
You seldom refuse
As I squeal, howl and bellow
I delight and amuse

Who am I?

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Is this riddle from Hyōka? – Furkan Omay Feb 16 at 12:09
@FurkanOmay, I don't think so. In Hyōka, the wordplay is not discovered through a riddle. Oreki eventually understands the situation of the creator of the magazine and can trace back his inspiration for that particular name. – 永劫回帰 Feb 16 at 14:04
@FurkanOmay no, I came up with it myself. – Big Black Box Feb 16 at 17:25
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I feel no pain Yet silently shriek

is a play on "ice cream" and "I scream"

An airy concoction Your desire I pique

That's me and ice cream, all right.

A sinful temptation You seldom refuse

Sugar and heart-clogging fat. BRING IT!!!

As I squeal, howl and bellow I delight and amuse.

I'd explain this as well but I'm going to go get some ice cream now.

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Seriously? THIS is the accepted answer? – mathgenius Feb 17 at 11:19
@mathgenius And the problem with that is...? It's accepted because it's what the OP had in mind when creating the puzzle, not because you personally like it or not. – underscore_d Feb 17 at 11:48
@underscore_d, The problem is that it makes no sense, from any logical standpoint. Stringing together a bunch of words and posing as an "explanation" does not prove a theory - the fart answer below makes more sense. Although you are right about something - if the OP just wanted some random guy to write a random thing on his random string of words, then it is perfect, but then again this is pretty much what "Puzzling" is all about, isn't it, no matter if you personally like it or not. – mathgenius Feb 17 at 12:18
Since when is "I'd explain this as well but I'm going to go get some ice cream now." an answer? Let alone an acceptable one. – Daedric Feb 17 at 12:51
Okay let me spell it out: "squeal", "howl", and "bellow" are synonyms for "scream" -- thus, "I scream". "I delight and amuse" -- ice cream does this; of course me screaming may also delight and amuse some o_O – Doktor J Feb 17 at 17:48
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You're a:


I feel no pain

No pain involved.

Yet silently shriek

But are demanding to come out.

An airy concoction

Made of air.

Your desire I pique

One wants to let it rip.

A sinful temptation

But it's gonna stink and might be quite loud.

You seldom refuse

Most people let it rip sooner or later.

As I squeal, howl and bellow

Making all sorts of noise.

I delight and amuse

But farts are very funny, if perhaps, in a puerile way.

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LOL, LMAO...it is the most funniest answer i have ever read...:D – manshu Feb 15 at 20:01
Indeed this is a terrific answer (though not the one I had in mind), and is a nice fit for pretty much all the clues... except for the "wordplay" tag. The correct answer makes use of that in a crucial way. – Big Black Box Feb 15 at 21:31
This literally made me laugh out loud. I like this much better than the accepted answer! – Nameless Feb 16 at 8:58
'Sinful' doesn't fit though. No downvote - answer is otherwise pretty funny. – cst1992 Feb 16 at 12:01
If one had the power to change the accepted answer I'd pick this one. This is great. – Daniel Feb 16 at 23:54

I feel no pain Yet silently shriek.

So it makes noise without pain

An airy concoction.

Contains air

Your desire I pique.

Works on demand whenever you want

A sinful temptation,
You seldom refuse.

Can be used to play pranks on someone

As I squeal, howl and bellow, I delight and amuse.

In the end always amuses

Is it

a whoopee cushion.
That's what first crossed my mind, and then I saw fart, now I am more sure of >!my answer

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