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Is where I'm found

Markets rise and fall with me

As do actions of countries

Who am I?


You will find me on the driver's lips, attached to the car, and part of the road in cold parts of the US.

These hints are very specific and literally true without any logical stretches. Looking for correct reasoning.

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My guess is



Is where I'm found

Found in fossils which are found beneath the surface of earth.

Markets rise and fall with me

Increase or decrease in price of petrol affects the stock market (or atleast the price of normal things). It is also used in many day-to-day things. Here is the list.

As do actions of countries

Every country need it for transportation. Another explanation could be that many wars have been fought for it.

You will find me on the driver's lips,

Lipstick and lip balm both contain petroleum jelly. (Thanks to @f" for suggestion)

attached to the car,

Used in cars. (assuming the car is not using CNG or LPG)

and part of the road in cold parts of the US.

It's hard for diesel engine to start in cold weather. So petrol is the choice. Also, the petrol may spill out of the petrol tank on the road. And it is also used in asphalt.

Something Powerful

Powerful enough to blow. Powerful enough to be the reason of war.

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Lipstick and lip balm both contain petroleum jelly. – f'' Feb 21 at 23:59
Part of the road is literal. So is markets rise and fall. A little more research, please... – LN6595 Feb 22 at 19:13

Is it:



Is where I'm found

To get to oil, you have to dig underground for this resource

Markets rise and fall with me

Depending on OPEC (world's biggest distributor of oil) prices its oil, the markets can fall (when the price is really low like now) or rise (when the price gets high)

As do actions of countries

Countries can react in many different ways depending on the oil industry

According to the hints...

Oil might be seen when splashed onto the driver's face when fixing the engine, in the fuel tank of the car, and sometimes spilled on the road. The road might be the ocean as it serves as a road for ships and there are unfortunately, lots of oil spills

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You came really close to the right answer. Check my edits to the hints and see if you can figure out what exactly it is. – LN6595 Feb 17 at 0:05
Based on the edits, I'm guessing it's (ROT13) crgebyrhz, which is an ingredient in yvc onyz, and also used in nfcunhyg. I'd post this as an answer, but it's really just piggy-backing off this one. – Darrel Hoffman Feb 17 at 20:14
@DarrelHoffman I have no idea what you're saying, but if you believe you're correct, by all means post an answer. – LN6595 Feb 21 at 23:44
@LN6595: Sorry, since you can't do spoiler tags in a comment, I used ROT13 - basically A=N, B=O, C=P, etc. You just add 13 to the value of the letter, wrapping around at Z. You can find translators online, some browsers even have them built in. I didn't want to post a new answer because it's basically just a slight variation of this one. (Plus I already have another answer, I don't usually make 2 guesses on the same question.) – Darrel Hoffman Feb 22 at 14:36
@DarrelHoffman Well, you got it and no one else did. I think you should post as an answer, since you are reasoning along the right lines. None of the existing answers have your tight logic. – LN6595 Feb 22 at 19:28

This is just a Guess...


Underground Is where I'm found

Salt is found underground.

Markets rise and fall with me

Salt is a much needed material for markets/stores.

As do actions of countries

Many countries have taken the initiative to try to reduce salt consumption in their specific country. Also there are many countries very dependent on salt as it used for so many things.

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Salt is found on the roads during cold weather to melt away the snow – PythonMaster Feb 15 at 1:30
Yeah, I thought of that from the hint, but I probably should explain it more on my answer. – Joseph Didion Feb 15 at 1:35
Try to copy the format shiron and I used – PythonMaster Feb 15 at 1:36
I thought the same thing, but I don't think you could ever get there without the hint...really it's the hint and not really the riddle itself that supports this answer. – Mark Peters Feb 15 at 2:24
I think the hint supports salt more strongly as it may be found in sweat on a driver's face as well as on the roads in cold places. – brandaemon Feb 15 at 4:51

Another possibility:

Iron (or Steel - works either way)


Is where I'm found

Iron comes from mines underground

Markets rise and fall with me

Iron is a major commodity in markets

As do actions of countries

Iron is traded between countries. It could also be used metaphorically to refer to warfare.

You will find me on the driver's face

A driver is a type of golf club, typically made from iron (or wood)

attached to the car

Many parts of a car are made from steel, which is an alloy of iron

and on the road in cold parts of the US.

When it gets cold, some drivers put chains or iron-studded winter tires on their cars for traction.

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Alternate for last one - many cold states purposefully put up guardrails on the edge of the road to protect against cars sliding off the edge. Of course, that's not exclusive to cold US states. – Duncan Feb 15 at 22:31
@Duncan: Yeah, they pretty much do that everywhere (budget permitting), regardless of climate. I also considered that many tires are steel-belted radials, but that's also not cold-climate exclusive. Chains and studded tires are though. (Not just the US of course; they're used in other cold places as well, but at least the "cold" part is accurate.) – Darrel Hoffman Feb 16 at 15:17

My guess:



Can be produced from coal, wood, petroleum, or peat


Used at least pure form of heroine


"don't spoil the ship for a ha'p'orth of tar "

Attached to car

slang for wheels


obviously on streets and it melts on too hot streets

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Is where I'm found

Oil is found in mines.

Markets rise and fall with me

As do actions of countries

Being a very widely used kind of fuel, it can force manufacturers to make smaller, more fuel-efficient products, or more people to switch to/invest in other energy sources when its price increases. Oil-rich countries can also use oil as leverage.

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What was wrong with my answer? – Nautilus Feb 15 at 13:24
you've provided the same answer as the top one, which was posted 11 hours ago. 'Goes without saying' is also not that satisfactory for a site which wants answers. – datashaman Feb 15 at 13:29
I've just edited the latter out, but there are a lot of people giving the same answer to a question and they still deserve upvotes, apparently. Or are you trying to accuse me of cheating? – Nautilus Feb 15 at 13:44
Calm down. I'm not accusing you of anything. You asked why someone else voted you down. I'm saying why I think they have. That is all. – datashaman Feb 15 at 13:55
I didn't downvote but this answer is pretty much the same as my answer... – PythonMaster Feb 15 at 23:19

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