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In life, we always had an instrument with us. Even the poor and the rich have it.

This instrument can be used to show:

  • Encouragement
  • Direction
  • Aggression
  • Love
  • Promise

This instrument cannot speak. What is this instrument?

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Should have used "provoke" instead of "Aggression". Dammit. A better word to describe but someone already answered it :/. – ministic2001 Jan 30 at 14:40
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It is

Your hand. (More specifically, your 5 fingers.)


This is the thumb. A "thumbs-up" is often a sign of encouragement.


The index finger. It is used to point the way.


The middle finger. The famous "one-finger salute" is a definite sign of aggression.


The ring finger is where we place a wedding ring, a symbol of undying love.


The pinky finger. It is used for "pinky promises".

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Aww you beat me to it. Game was already loading, and then it started so I couldn't type the answer lol – busukxuan Jan 30 at 14:02
Perfect answer. Never heard that middle finger was also known as the "one hand salute". I was only known that people use middle finger just to show that he/she is extremely angry with a person, naturally a way to say, "f*ck you". – ministic2001 Jan 30 at 14:24
Could have used "provoke" as a better way to represent the 3rd finger – ministic2001 Jan 30 at 14:45

The hands.

Some people do not have it, but it in general it is possessed by rich and poor alike.


Thumbs up




Middle finger, fist grip


Caressing, love hand sign


Pinkie promise

This instrument cannot speak:

No it can't, and body language isn't speaking

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