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Guess number 16 in this sequence:

  1. WS
  2. EL
  3. JRC
  4. AA
  5. ME
  6. MB
  7. VS
  8. MT
  9. TP
  10. BS
  11. BF
  12. AK
  13. GK
  14. VK
  15. VA
  16. ??
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let me know if the question needs to be improved. I am very new here. – Woeitg Jan 29 at 13:28
Is it possible that any other tags could apply to your puzzle?? – Daedric Jan 29 at 13:33
I will take a look at tags, but I afraid it may spoil the puzzle – Woeitg Jan 29 at 13:37
Oh, then don't worry, Just though that if we narrowed it down a bit it would be easier. – Daedric Jan 29 at 13:38
@WOEITG I think the hint is not really helpful. I would remove it – Ivaylo Strandjev Jan 29 at 15:44
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The next letters are

MC, for Magnus Carlsen, most recent World Chess Champion

Here's a breakdown just to show that the others on the list work:

1. Wilhelm Steinitz
2. Emanuel Lasker
3. José Raúl Capablanca
4. Alexander Alekhine
5. Max Euwe
6. Mikhail Botvinnik
7. Vasily Smyslov
8. Mikhail Tal
9. Tigran Petrosian
10. Boris Spassky
11. Bobby Fischer
12. Anatoly Karpov
13. Garry Kasparov
14. Vladimir Kramnik
15. Viswanathan Anand
16. Magnus Carlsen

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brilliant ! how did you find it !?! – Woeitg Jan 29 at 13:41
I figured they were probably people's initials, and I looked here: peoplebyinitials.com for a few that seemed "unusual" enough to narrow something down. I was a tiny bit surprised to find that GK helped narrow it down better than VK or VA. – question_asker Jan 29 at 13:45
There really is a web site for everything these days, isn't there? – mikeTheLiar Jan 29 at 16:32
@mikeTheLiar I was as surprised to find out it existed as you are! – question_asker Jan 29 at 16:33

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