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Today i came across a cool picture that has SIX hidden words in it. I ended up with just 3. Can you able to find all the SIX words in it.? Here is it. Take a look at it.

enter image description here

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I'm happy to accept each and everyone's answer. But what to do, SO allows only one answer to be accepted. I accept @Sir SC. And really like the contribution of Dark Truth also. – Ragu Swaminathan Jan 28 at 12:04
Only one answer so far found 7 separate words – humn Jan 28 at 12:05
Couldn't resist, there are at least 2 separate upside-down words as well, although they overlap with rightside-up words – humn Jan 28 at 21:38
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I found the words:

Book , Story, Words, Page, Novel, Read


enter image description here

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Made the image visible without following a link. – The Dark Truth Jan 28 at 12:02
thank you mate :) – Sir SC Jan 28 at 12:03

words & or
read & ad
HI (in floorboards)

Added, upside-down words:

ON (in upside-down NOVEL)
HIP & HI (beginning with H from rightside-up HI, the P in HIP is upside-down "d" from "read")

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That 'HI' was a nice catch! – Fᴀʀʜᴀɴ Aɴᴀᴍ Jan 28 at 16:19
page, ages, Tory – msh210 Jan 28 at 23:21


On the woman:
The S is in her hair.
The T is on her shirt.
O and R are on the book.
Y is where the book and her leg meet.


On the boy:
The P is on his trousers.
A and G are on his shirt to the left of his arm.
The E is on his sleeve.


On the plant.
At the bottom right edge of the leaves.


On the dog and girl.
R and E on each of the dogs ears.
A and D on the girls hair.

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finished earlier than you and uploaded a screenshot mate :) but good explanation on details – Sir SC Jan 28 at 11:56
@Sir SC still found 4 before you put the screenshot up. Still well done. – The Dark Truth Jan 28 at 11:58
Since you found most of them, let me help you with the rest: "Book" in the man's glasses, "Novel" in the armchair's right arm and legrest. Edit: nvm should've refreshed first... – SpiritFryer Jan 28 at 12:00

The words are


as marked below:

enter image description here

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novel, story, book, page, words, read
Novel in the chair
Book in the glasses
Story in the mother + book
words in the tree
Page in the teenager lying on the couch
read in the dog ears + girl

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