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After I have figured out if Dave was really mad at me,

I panicked and called the police.

After a couple of minutes, I saw a strange post of mine. Well, I was not on StackExchange! It was written by Dave. But why would he log in my account and write his message as a post, instead of sending me another email?

Hello again, Patrick! I am sorry for what I did.
I was just so mad at you and wanted to make you struggle with some meaningless email. I just made random letters uppercase. Please do not take any messages from that mail.

Maybe we can still hang out, what do you say? Take your time to answer. I understand if you say no after that gibberish mail of mine.

I have some news about Daniel by the way. He called me last week. He was looking for a PhD position in MIT. I don't think he will never, ever get a position. He is lazy, you know. When I tell this to him, he gets angry. Maybe he will reason with me after a time. Considering that he has ups and downs sometimes, he probably cannot just take it easy right now.

Whatever. Now, I am going to rest. Drink some coffee and watch TV. Ah, by the way, my cellphone is broken. I dropped it. Therefore, it is off. If you want to hang out, just send me an e-mail.


Should I

call the police back and

explain that everything was a misunderstanding?


Hint is in the question itself. Why write as a post instead of sending an e-mail?

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better safe than sorry, don't :D – RiddlerNewComer Jan 28 at 9:42
the biggest question for me is, how does he know your password?! :o – sjaak bakker Jan 28 at 10:02
@sjaakbakker He is a very close friend of mine, he must have figured out :p – cagirici Jan 28 at 10:23
i see so many things, but none jump out as the certain truth. – sjaak bakker Jan 28 at 12:12
Saw the words, but can't get to anything with it. :( – AeJey Jan 28 at 12:19
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I think the secret message hidden in the post is


Explanation As Below.

In the edit mode, these words seems to be separated out

The words



Take the first letters

And it will form


So I think

you should check the depot under the casino before calling the cops.

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You got somewhere with the hints, mate :) – cagirici Jan 28 at 12:22
@sjaak I have updated my answer. Please check now. – AeJey Jan 28 at 12:26
ooo...that is really clever of @cagirici – manshu Jan 28 at 12:27
Not really. I checked it because the hint was "Why write as a post instead of sending an e-mail" – AeJey Jan 28 at 12:29
In the edit mode, you can see that these words are singled out in separate lines from the rest of the words in the sentences. – AeJey Jan 28 at 12:36

Yes, because

Daniel has kidnapped Dave. Daniel gets angry at Dave when called lazy, and how would any random kidnapper know Daniel called Dave the previous week?

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I don't think so, he is our common friend. – cagirici Jan 28 at 11:02

May be the kidnapper wants you to suspect Daniel in future, So MR.kidnapper asks Dave to logon your account and write a post , So you will believe that it is actually Dave an no one else

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