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Alone I am 24th, with a friend I am 20. Another friend and I am unclean.

What am I?

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The answer is



Alone I am 24th

'X' is the 24th letter in the alphabets

with a friend I am 20

'X' with another 'X' gives 'XX', which is equal to 20 in roman numeral system.

Another friend and I am unclean

I think it's referring to 'XXX', which most people consider as dirty.

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A fast response yet again, good work ;) – Marco Geertsma Jan 14 at 8:22
actually I'm thinking about Gold since 24 Karat is pure, combined with other metals it can be 20 Karat haha But the last clue missed the Gold properties. – Mekalikot Jan 14 at 8:23

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